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African Americans in STEM

image for Daddy Daughter Dance - Macho Minute

Daddy Daughter Dance - Macho Minute

As message to Civilian Male Military Spouses, who are dads, about finding a


image for JW PLAYER 5 Config

JW PLAYER 5 Config

I use JW Player 5 as the media player for websites I build.


Spanish -



image for Finished My First Official 5K Race - Run Lucky 5K in OKC

Finished My First Official 5K Race - Run Lucky 5K in OKC

I started running back in the Fall of 2011. My wife runs marathons and half marathons, and she had been trying to get me to run for quite some time. I figured that I'll never do a marathon, but the 5K was doable. When I found out that her dad and brother had started running to train for races, I thought that would be a cool challenge.

I thought the Run Lucky 5K was going to be a rainy, miserable race this year. But the rains stopped in time. The weather was perfect for running at just under 50 degrees and cloudy enough to keep away the sun's heat. Here are my official 5K race results.

Official results:

  • Overall finish: 151/606
  • Age Division finish: 16/61 (40)
  • Gun Time: 25:27
  • Pace: 5:06
  • Chip Time: 24:37
  • Bib #: 1033
image for Remembering Curtis Price

Remembering Curtis Price

Curtis Price passed away early Thursday morning (May 30, 2013).

Curtis and his family have been a blessing to me and my family and I am grateful for the time we spent together sharing music and Christ.

image for Military Acronymns List

Military Acronymns List

Need help with the military acronymns alphabet soup?

The military loves acronyms. Sometimes, I think there is an acronymn requirement in the Air Force. "If a sentence doesn't have an acronym, make one." I wonder who the people are who conjure up new acronyms.