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Embracing God's Presence on the Field: A Christ-Following Athlete's Guide

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Image for Embracing God's Presence on the Field: A Christ-Following Athlete's Guide – Coach T (Taurus M. James)

"Before You Take The Field..."

As the Lab Director of the  2018 JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) in Xenia Ohio, I started each lab with a few moments for the young men to acknowledge something God had done, before they took the field.

The first day I directed the young mens' attention to the beautiful sunset. i pointed to the fact that God painted a uniqu, one-time-only sunset for us to take in.

The next day, I had the young men acknowledge God through the tall trees on the grounds around the fields. I stressed the fact that the trees witnessed weather of all sorts and were still standing, testifying to the greatness of our God. Testifying to the young men.

Before the next lab, I pointed their attention to campus grounds, the location God picked for them to learn from Him.

Finally, I pointed their attention to the people around them, who God sent to teach and show them love. I pointed out the fact that God chose each person  present to bless and be a blessing for someone else there.

"Before you take the field, acknowledge God!  He is here!"

- Coach T

7/3/2018 6:00:13 AM


As athletes, we often get caught up in the intensity of competition, focusing solely on our performance and the game ahead. However, as Christ-following athletes, it is essential to remember that our faith and our athletic pursuits are not separate entities; they intertwine in a beautiful tapestry.

Acknowledging God's presence before we step onto the field can transform our perspective and enhance our athletic journey. In this guide, we will explore the significance of acknowledging God's handiwork in various aspects of our surroundings and how it can positively impact our performance and character as athletes.

Embracing the Unique Beauty of God's Creation

Before we take the field, let us pause to appreciate the beauty of God's creation around us. Just like that one-time-only sunset we witnessed, every moment in sports is unique and presents an opportunity for growth and glory.

As we gaze at the beautiful sunset, we are reminded that God orchestrates every event in our lives, including the games we play. Acknowledging this can fill us with awe and gratitude, making us more mindful of His presence as we compete.

Drawing Inspiration from the Resilient Trees

Look at the tall trees surrounding the fields. These trees have weathered storms, just as we face challenges and obstacles in sports and life. Their steadfastness testifies to the greatness of our God, who equips us with the strength to overcome adversity.

As athletes, we can find inspiration from these trees to remain firm in our faith, trusting that God will sustain us through difficult times and lead us to victory.

Learning from God's Chosen Location

Take a moment to reflect on the campus grounds, the very location God chose for us to learn and grow. Recognize that every place we step foot on is part of His divine plan. Our experiences in sports, training, and competitions are opportunities for personal development and spiritual growth.

As we engage in the competition, let us remember that God has a purpose for us on this field, and our actions can reflect His love and grace.

Embracing God's Messengers

As we interact with the people around us, let us acknowledge that God has strategically placed each person in our lives. Coaches, teammates, opponents, and spectators are all part of His design. These individuals offer us opportunities to show love, respect, and sportsmanship, reflecting Christ's character on and off the field.

Treating others with kindness and grace will not only enrich our athletic experience but also serve as a powerful testimony of our faith.

Inviting God's Presence on the Field

"Before you take the field, acknowledge God! He is here!"

These words hold profound meaning for a Christ-following athlete. As we acknowledge God's presence, we invite Him to join us in our pursuits.

Remember, our athletic endeavors are not separate from our spiritual journey; rather, they are interconnected. Seeking His guidance and strength can bring a sense of peace and confidence, enabling us to perform at our best while representing Christ in all we do.

Gratitude for the Gift of Sport

Sports are a gift from God that allows us to use our physical abilities to glorify Him. Gratitude should be the foundation of our approach to athletics.

Before stepping onto the field, take a moment to express thanks for the opportunity to compete, for the skills you have developed, and for the joy that sports bring into your life. A heart filled with gratitude fosters humility and a deeper appreciation for the gift of athleticism.

Fostering a Christ-Like Mindset

Beyond physical prowess, a Christ-following athlete should strive for a Christ-like mindset on the field. This means displaying humility in victory, graciousness in defeat, and respect for opponents and officials.

Our actions and attitudes during the game should reflect the love and grace of Christ, setting us apart as athletes who compete with integrity and sportsmanship.


As we lace up our cleats and prepare for the competition, let us remember the significance of acknowledging God's presence before taking the field.

By recognizing His handiwork in creation, drawing inspiration from resilient trees, and embracing the purposeful location chosen for us, we gain a deeper understanding of the divine design behind our athletic pursuits.

Additionally, cherishing the people around us as God's messengers and fostering a Christ-like mindset can positively impact our performance and interactions on the field.

As Christ-following athletes, let us wholeheartedly invite God into our athletic journey, transforming every moment of competition into an opportunity to glorify Him and inspire those around us.

Grace and Peace!

Coach T

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