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Taurus M. James - Helping Other People in Music and Life

Taurus M. James, a


Helping Other People Elevate in Music and Life.

I am H.O.P.E.

Helping Other People Elevate

My name is Taurus James and I am a music producer from the United States. I also use the names TaurusBeats, DreZimmer, Kid Kikit and Coach T.

I specialize in Hip-Hop and R&B sample flip beats inspired by the sounds of the late 80's and 90's. My music would be best described as a mixture of Old School Hip-Hop, Trap and R&B with Smooth Jazz and Classical influences.

Thanks for stopping by! Grace and Peace, fam!



Taurus M. James


As an artist, I make Moody Mental Music spontaneously in live streaming "Soul Speak Sessions" and release the music under my real name. These sessions often include piano freestyles (off-the-top, improvisations) - one-time performances that are like journal entries.

While my Moody Mental Music expresses my thoughts and feelings through music, my goal is to inspire listeners and offer them grace and peace.

Influences include: George Benson, Bob James, Brian Culbertson




Sample-Flip Beat Maker

I love flipping samples into something new and I love listening to other beat makers and producers master this craft.

My YouTube channel has a few videos showing how I use Reason Suite 11 to make sample flip beats, but I posted many never-heard-before sample-flip beats at my TaurusBeats website.

Influences include: J-Dilla, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock





I started producing in 2003 for the Upper Room - my jazz band from Ogden, Utah. Currently, I am producing under the name DreZimmer and helping artists elevate in their music careers.

I decided to use a different name to signify a different direction in my career and to give a nod to my influences - Dr. Dre and Hans Zimmer.

Artists include: CoCo Kimmie, The Upper Room



Kid Kikit

DJ / Rapper

As the youngest Radio DJ at the US Air Force Academy at the time, I picked the name "Kid Kikit" and it stuck, even when I started rapping and DJ-ing parties.

I was known for quick wit and freestyle ability as a rapper. As a DJ, I was known for my mixing and party sets. My DJ years across the USA trained my ears for beat making and music production.

Influences include: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Gucci-D (Rod Ross of the ChillVille Crew in Tallahassee, FL)


TaurusBeats aka Taurus M, James
Kid Kikit, Rapper.


Coach T


Helping Other People Elevate is not just what I do, it really is who I am. As Coach T, I help young men see themselves in a more positive way, while challenging them to elevate in all areas of life.

Whether it is JAM Camp in Xenia, Ohio, Orlando Florida or The Victory Project in Dayton, Ohio, I help young people see themselves and the world around them - and I use music as a way to communicate.

Influences include: All the men who helped me to see myself.


TaurusBeats aka Taurus M, James
Coach T, at JAM Camp, Helping Other People Elevate in music and Life."


Sunsets...always beautiful and always powerful, but often unnoticed and rarely looked for. I am a beautiful, powerful sunset...and so are you! - Taurus

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