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Faith and Sports: A Winning Combination

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Greetings, young athletes!

Coach T here, and today, I want to share a life-changing experience from the 2018 JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) in Xenia, Ohio. As the Lab Director, I had the privilege of leading these incredible young men through moments of reflection before they hit the field. It was a transformative journey of faith and sportsmanship!

Picture this: the sun slowly setting, casting vibrant hues across the sky. It was the perfect backdrop to begin our camp. I gathered the young men and directed their attention to the awe-inspiring sunset. I wanted them to appreciate God's unique, one-time-only masterpiece painted just for us. What a powerful way to start the camp—acknowledging the Creator's artistic touch and His loving presence!

The next day, we stood amidst the towering trees surrounding the fields. These majestic giants had weathered all sorts of storms, testifying to the greatness of our God. As we marveled at their resilience, I encouraged the young men to draw inspiration from these trees. Just like these trees, their faith should stand tall and unwavering amidst life's challenges. It was a powerful lesson in perseverance and trust.

Before our next lab, I wanted to deepen their appreciation for the campus grounds—the very location God had chosen for us to learn from Him. Each step they took was part of His divine plan, leading them to personal growth and spiritual insights. The field transformed into sacred ground, and the air was charged with anticipation.

Finally, we gathered once more, and this time I pointed their attention to the people around them. Every camper was handpicked by God to teach and show love to one another. We discussed the significance of divine connections and the power of God's love flowing through them. The realization that they were instruments of God's grace left them in awe.

"Before you take the field, acknowledge God! He is here!" This became our rallying cry throughout the camp. We wanted these young athletes to understand that every moment on the field was an opportunity to invite God into their endeavors. Their faith and sportsmanship were not separate entities; they were beautifully intertwined, enhancing their experience and performance.

As Coach T, I can say without a doubt that this camp was more than just sports—it was a profound encounter with faith and purpose. Witnessing these young athletes grow in their understanding of God's hand in everything they do was incredibly rewarding. Sports became a conduit for them to encounter God's love, wisdom, and purpose for their lives.

So, my fellow athletes, as you prepare for your next game, take a moment to acknowledge God's handiwork. Whether it's the breathtaking sunset, the resilient trees, or the people around you, see these as reminders of God's presence and influence. Embrace the winning combination of faith and sportsmanship, and you'll experience a deeper level of joy, purpose, and victory in all your athletic pursuits.

- Coach T

7/3/2018 6:00:13 AM


See the 2018 JAM Camp pictures I took.



2018 JAM Camp Recap by John Oliver



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