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2020 JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) Xenia Ohio by Cru Inner City and Athletes In Action

image for 2020 JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) Xenia Ohio by Cru Inner City and Athletes In Action
Image for 2020 JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) Xenia Ohio by Cru Inner City and Athletes In Action – Coach T (Taurus M. James)


Hey, champions of Faith and Sports! It's Coach T here, and I'm thrilled to dive into the inspiring journey of the 2020 JAM Camp in Xenia, Ohio, brought to you by the dynamic collaboration of Cru Inner City and Athletes In Action. This camp was more than just a gathering of young athletes; it was a convergence of faith, athleticism, and the timeless theme of manhood.

Together, we explored the essence of "Great Power, Great Responsibility," a mantra that resonated deeply throughout the camp. So, lace up those spiritual and athletic sneakers – let's relive the transformative moments that defined the 2020 JAM Camp.

Setting the Stage: Faith Meets Athletics

Picture this: a radiant summer in Xenia, Ohio, where young athletes converged from all walks of life, united by their faith and love for sports. The 2020 JAM Camp was not just a showcase of athletic prowess; it was a platform where Jesus took center stage alongside athletic excellence. This fusion of Faith and Sports created an environment of empowerment, instilling the idea that our athletic talents are gifts from God, meant to be honed and used for a higher purpose.

Unveiling the Manhood Theme: Great Power, Great Responsibility

A theme that echoed throughout the camp was "Great Power, Great Responsibility." Just like the athletes on the field, we explored the concept of power – both physical and spiritual – and the responsibility that comes with it. The camp wasn't just about honing athletic skills; it was about nurturing a sense of responsibility that goes hand in hand with the strength we possess. In the footsteps of Jesus, we discovered that true greatness lies in serving others, using our power to uplift and inspire.

Workshops: Faith, Athletics, and Manhood

Headlining the camp were dynamic workshops that delved into the heart of faith, athletics, and manhood. In "Running the Race with Endurance," we explored the parallels between our spiritual journey and the race on the track. Through "Leadership and Manhood," we unpacked the vital connection between leading with integrity and embracing our roles as men of faith. The message was clear: our journey of faith and the path of athletic excellence are intertwined, shaping us into men who exemplify strength, grace, and responsibility.

Sessions with Purpose: Athletics and Character

As the sun set over the fields, we gathered for powerful sessions that illuminated the intersection of athletics and character. Just as Jesus exhibited unwavering strength, we recognized the power of perseverance in our sports endeavors. We grappled with the truth that every victory and defeat holds a lesson in character-building, allowing us to emerge as men of resilience and honor.

Highlighting Jesus' Legacy of Manhood

In every aspect of the camp, Jesus' legacy as the ultimate example of manhood shone brightly. His selfless service, unconditional love, and sacrificial leadership served as guiding lights for us all. In our pursuit of athletic excellence, we were reminded that true manhood is marked by humility, courage, and a heart that beats for others. Just as Jesus bore the weight of the world, we too are called to carry the mantle of great power and great responsibility.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Faith, Athletics, and Manhood

The 2020 JAM Camp was more than an event; it was a transformative experience that etched eternal truths into the hearts of young athletes. As we merged our faith, athleticism, and the theme of "Great Power, Great Responsibility," we discovered a profound calling: to embrace our power with a heart of service and use our talents to make an impact that echoes Jesus' love.

So, let's keep running the race with endurance, wielding our power responsibly, and leaving a legacy of true manhood that mirrors the heart of our Savior.

Grace and Peace!

Coach T


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