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1.00NEW Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session Available at TaurusBeats.com
1.00Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at TaurusBeats.com!
1.00Video Introduction to TaurusBeats Moody Instrumental Musician
0.86Midday Vibe Piano Freestyle Video
0.86Days End - Original Moody Instrumental Music
0.86Flo by TaurusBeats Moody Instrumental Music Propellerhead Reason
0.86Worship Him by TaurusBeats Using Propellerhead Reason
0.86Building Moody Instrumental Music from Basic Parts Video Series
0.86Live Through The Loss - A Personal Message About Losing My Eyesight
0.34How to Make Beats Laying Down Basic Music Ideas
0.30TaurusBeats Broadcasting Network Media Center (On Demand)
0.22How to Make Beats Wrapping the Samples in Sample Flip Beats Remixes
0.22About Taurus M. James
Helping Other People Elevate in Music and Life
0.21Taurus M. James - Musician, Music Producer, Mentor, Motivator [CLONE]
Helping Other People Elevate in Music and Life
0.192016 CMA Bang Show Final Results
0.18How To Chop Samples with ReCycle
0.18Country Music Guitar Sample Flip Remix
0.17Video Make Beats with Reason Pat Benatar Sample Flip Remix
0.14About Taurus M. James
0.14Taurus M. James - Musician, Music Producer, Mentor, Motivator [OLD]
0.11In The Zone with TaurusBeats: Overcomer Piano Freestyle
0.11What Do Male Military Spouses Do For Fun?
0.09About Taurus aka Minister James
0.07Macho Minute - Navigate the Male Military Spouse Role
0.07Macho Minute - Male Military Spouse Help Your Spouse Shine
0.07Macho Minute - Make A Video Civilian Male Military Spouse
0.07Macho Minute - Make A Difference Male Military Spouse
0.07My Music Featured in the Computer Music Academy Weekly Podcast
0.07TV Theme Songs CMA Weekly Podcast
0.07Propellerhead Reason Tutorials by TaurusBeats
0.06How would you feel if your child wanted to enlist in the military?
0.05Road Trip California to Virginia
0.05My Life-Changing Experience - Quest - Moody instruMental Music made with Reason 6
0.04Road Trip Dayton Ohio to Chicago Illinois
0.04How To Manage Stress
0.045 Portable Careers for Civilian Male Military Spouses
0.04Air Force Male Military Spouse - What Do You Guys Do For Fun?
0.04Live Soul Speak Session 202308011819
0.04Taurus M. James - Musician, Music Producer, Mentor, Motivator [CLONE]
0.04Remembering Curtis Price

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