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Live Soul Speak Session 202308011819

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Hey fam! In this live Soul Speak Session my soul is making a couple of smooth groves with piano freestyles (improvisations).

Live Soul Speak Music Creation Session August 1, 2023 6:19 PM

Aug 1, 2023  XENIA

Hi! I'm Taurus M. James and my soul has something to say. I'm making Smooth Grooves in this live Soul Speak Session 202308011819 (Aug 1, 2023 6:18 PM).

Original music by Taurus M. James

Track 1: "When You Come Home" - Smooth groove piano freestyle with Latin flavor, electric piano, bass, horns

Track 2: "Can't Let Go" - Slow, sentimental, reflective piano freestyle (improvisation) with electric piano and strings 

In these session, my soul takes over and speaks through the music being created "on the fly" in the video. I play by ear and I don't see so well (vison-impaired person). Sometimes I mumble, but most times I'm silent.

I started out making beats and later found my sound. Now, I just let my soul speak.

Grace and Peace!


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Grace and Peace,

Taurus James

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