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MachoSpouse Website

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Military Families: Check out Project Sanctuary

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Share running events, inspiration, motivation with other faith runners!

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Military Acronymns List

Need help with the military acronymns alphabet soup?

The military loves acronyms. Sometimes, I think there is an acronymn requirement in the Air Force. "If a sentence doesn't have an acronym, make one." I wonder who the people are who conjure up new acronyms.

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CMA Class of 2016 Weekly Homework Podcast 115

Check me out (TaurusBeats)} at CMA! My Moody Instrumental Music is featured at the Computer Music Academy again this year. CMA is where I go to work with other producers to make my music better and he;p other producers make their music better.

Ahh yes! Welcome to year 4 of Computer Music Academy and the Weekly Homework Assignment / Podcast. As we have for the last 3 years, we're kicking things off with an introduction of the Class of 2016. We've grown quite a bit from last year in members and in talent. Even though this only a portion of the peeps currently at CMA, if this podcast is indication, it's going to be a damn good year. So with that said... Ladies and Gentlemen... Beat Season has begun!

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SAHD Life: Doing My Daughter's Hair for School

As a male military spouse and Stay-At-Home-Dad, learning to properly care for my ladies' hair has been a challenging and rewarding experience.

Doing my hair is simple. I've been cutting my own hair since my Academy days. I don't waste time worrying about my hair style anymore, I just shave it all off. I cut as low as my shears will allow me to and then I use my Norelco face shaver to shave the sides and back of my head. My haircuts are free and done in 15 minutes, but I could not imagine being able to perfect doing my daughter's hair in the same amount of time.

The big question for me used to be, "How do I do this?" How do I quickly do my daughter's hair in a way that looks nice and still allows me to get her to school on time?

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Daron Lytle IFBB Pro bodybuilder

IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Daron Lytle is one of the guys who inspires me in fitness. I've been following him since 2012, when he contacted me via the Macho Spouse, Male Military Spouse website.

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Homes For Our Troops

Support Our Troops At Home! - Homes For Our Troops

Will you "support our troops" when they come home?

Here is one way you can. Donate to Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004 and strongly committed to helping those who have selflessly given to our country and have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries since September 11, 2001.