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0.67Macho Spouse - Male Military Spouses on Facebook
0.67Next DoD Advisory Panel on Special Needs 13 September in Arlington, VA
0.67MilitaryTownAdvisor.com provides Neighborhood, Apartment, School Reviews near Military Bases
0.67Military Spouse Videos Wanted
0.67Find Military Family Deals and Discounts at MilitaryOneClick
0.67How will Sequestration affect your military family?
0.67Virginia Wounded Warrior Program Healthy Families Retreat April 26 thru 28
0.67Suzie Schwartz named VP of military spouse programs
0.67How COVID-19 Restrictions Affect Military Families
0.57Video - Importance of Communication Part 3 - Talking Through A Deployment
0.57From Full House to Empty Nest: Embracing the Next Chapter of Military Fatherhood
Subtitle: Navigating Life's Transitions as a Military Dad
0.4310 Must-Have Resources for Civilian Male Military Spouses
Navigating Military Life with Confidence: Your Essential Toolkit
0.43Where To Get Coronavirus Updates For Military Spouses
0.43Video - Importance of Communication Part 2 - What We Talk About
0.37Transform Your Experience: 10 Must-Have Resources for Civilian Male Military Spouses
Thrive in Your Journey: Unlock the 10 Vital Resources for Civilian Male Military Spouses
0.33MachoSpouse Website
0.33MilitaryTownAdvisor.com - Neighborhood, Apartment, School Reviews near Military Bases
0.33Military Spouse JD Network - Legal Professionals improving the lives of military families
0.33Military Officers Association of America
0.33The Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Civilian Male Military Spouse
Navigating the Unique Challenges and Celebrating the Triumphs
0.33Staying Connected: Nurturing Your Relationship with Your College-Bound Daughter
A Guide for Civilian Male Military Spouse Dads
0.33Reclaiming Your Identity: Rediscovering Yourself as an Empty Nester Military Dad
Navigating Life's New Chapter with Purpose and Passion
0.24Being a Military Spouse When You're a Guy
0.2410 Ways I Support and Empower My Military Spouse: A Guide for Civilian Male Military Spouses
Supporting and Empowering Military Spouses: A Guide for Civilian Male Partners
0.21Where Does The Male Military Spouse Go For Information, Resources, Help?
0.18SAHD Life: How The Male Military Spouse Stay At Home Dad can be Strong And Healthy Dad
0.17Acronym Hell - Part 2
0.16Military Saves Week Aims to Motivate Male Military Spouses to Better Their Finances
0.15100 Questions Civilian Male Military Spouses Ask
0.15Resources Available to Civilian Male Military Spouses
0.15About Taurus aka Minister James
0.14First National Guard Spouse to Win the 2013 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award
0.14Global Meta
0.12Male Military Spouses Cope With Added Challenges, Expert Says
0.12Embracing Moments of Joy: How Supporting Your Partner's Emotional Well-being Creates a Beautiful Home
0.11Bridging the Gap: Encouraging Civilian Male Military Spouses to Engage with FRG/Key Spouse/Ombudsman
0.11SAHD Life: Are You a Sad-At-Holidays-Dad with Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness?
0.1110 Civilian Male Military Spouses You Should Know: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes
0.11MSEJ - Military Service Employment Journal, November 2012
0.10Acronym Hell - Part 1
0.10SAHD Life: Being a Strong-And-Healthy-Dad
0.10Military Families: Check out Project Sanctuary
0.10My Military Life motivates and encourages spouses to follow their dreams
0.10Money Tool for Male Military Spouses - PowerPay
0.10May Is National Military Appreciation Month
0.10Military Calendar 05 May
0.08What the male spouse should know about COVID-19
0.08The Journey of a Strong and Healthy SAHD: Embracing Parenthood as a Civilian Male Military Spouse
Navigating the Path of Fatherhood with Courage and Authenticity
0.08Hiring Our Heroes helps military spouses
0.07Macho Spouse at the 2013 Military.com Spouse Summit
0.07Air Force Key Spouse Program
0.07Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch
0.06MilitaryOneClick resource for military families
0.06What is a PCS?
0.06When Homecoming is Not So Happy
0.06What to Expect in Content from Taurus James Civilian Male Military Spouse
0.06Tribute to Heroes Book Series
0.06Do You Know About the USO?
0.05Veterans Info Site
0.05The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act
0.04How the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act helps military spouses
0.04Military Calendar 12 December
0.04Benefits Available to Civilian Male Military Spouses
0.04Today as a Male Military Spouse - Her Support
0.04I'm a 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Branch Finalist
0.04Live Through The Loss - A Personal Message About Losing My Eyesight
0.045 Tips for New Male Military Spouses to Thrive
0.04Marine Corps Considers Allowing Homesteading - Is the PCS Going Away?
Navigating Budget Cuts: How 'Homesteading' Can Save the Military Bucks
0.04Choosing Slam-Dunk Summer Sports Camps: A Guide for Teen Boys and Worried Parents
How to choose Summer Sports Camps for Teen Boys
0.04Now That I'm a SAHD (Stay-At-Home-Dad)... The Power of Being Present
0.04Air Force Male Military Spouse - What Do You Guys Do For Fun?
0.04Journey Tip: Communicate
0.04Military Calendar 11 November
0.04Do You Know About LES?
0.03welcome - with pictures
0.03Manage You: A Man Manages - Introduction
Becoming the Champion of Your Life with Coach T (Taurus M. James)

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