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Benefits Available to Civilian Male Military Spouses

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As a civilian male military spouse,do you know the benefits available to you? 

You are here because you are looking for male military spouse benefits and that is great. As a a new civilian male military spouse, you should continue to look for your benefits.

There are many military programs available to you as a male military spouse and you should know them and use them. Keep in mind that this is a "use-or-lose" system, for the most part. That means, if you dontt use the resources, available to you they will start to disapear.

Because you are a military spouse, you have healthcare and retirement benefits. There are many otherspouse benefits you have as well. We will help you find them and learn more about them, and point you in the right direction. 


Military Benefits for U.S. Armed Forces Members, Veterans and Military Families

Military Benefits (militarybenefits.info) has this list of links providing complete coverage on the military benefits provided by the military, federal and local government and private and public institutions.

See the Military Benefits website for details.

Exchanges, Commissaries, MWRs, ARCs
Armed Forces Recreation Centers
Base Force Support Squadron
Morale, Welfare & Recreation
Military OneSource
National Resource Directory
Health Benefits

Veterans Heath Conditions from A to Z
TRICARE Supplemental Insurance
TRICARE Prime vs. TRICARE Select
TRICARE for College Military Dependents
TRICARE Chiropractic Coverage
Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)
Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
TRICARE Supplemental Insurance
Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance
Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
VA Programs & Health Benefits
VA Benefits Guide
VA Medical Benefits
VA Priority Groups
VA Patient Advocacy Program
VA Benefits for Spouses and Dependents
VA Aid & Attendance
VA Geriatrics & Extended Care
VA Homemaker and Health Aide Care
VA Info for Veterans Living Overseas
VA Infertility Services
VA Cemetery Burial
VA Respite Care
VA Services for Gulf War Veterans
VA Services for Native American Veterans
VA Urgent Care Benefits
VA Veterans Choice Program
VA Vet Center Program
Service Dogs for Veterans
Free Flu Shots for Veterans, Active Duty
How The VA Rates Arthritis
How To Refill & Track Prescriptions With The VA
Veteran Health ID Card
State and Local Veteran Benefits

State Veteran Benefits
State Veterans Affairs Office Directory
Best States with Veteran Benefits
States That Don't Tax Social Security Benefits
States That Do & Don't Tax Military Retirement Pay
Veteran/Military Benefits Articles

10 Veterans Benefits You May Not Know About
5 Top Military Spouse Benefits
5 Ways It's Great to Be a Military Spouse!
AAFES Online Shopping For Veterans
Advice for New Military Spouses
Benefits of Families Living on a Military Base
Can Military Spouses get Breast Implants for Free or at a Military Discount?
Do Gas Stations Offer Military Gas Discounts?
Free or Discounted Summer Camps for Military Kids
Space Camp
Medal of Honor Benefits
Military Benefits After Divorce
Military Benefits for Family Members
Military Retirement Benefits
Military Transition to Civilian Life
Military Voting – Where to Register and How to Vote Absentee
Purple Heart Benefits
Sesame Street for Military Families Free App
Special Military Benefits for Army Service Members and Veterans
Veteran Burial Benefits: VA & Non VA
What are the best military benefits?
What is the 20/20/20 rule for military spouses after divorce?
Military & Veterans Discounts

List of Hundreds of Military & Veterans Discounts Offered by Stores, Services and Online Sites
Local Military & Veteran Discounts
Apple Military Discount
Military Discounts at Gyms and Health Clubs
Under Armour Military & Veterans Discount
Veteran & Military Cell Phone Discounts
Wedding Military Discounts – Dresses, Rings, Venues & More

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Grace and Peace!


Taurus M. James Male Military SpouseTaurus James is the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Taurus is a 20-year civilian male military spouse and stay-at-home-dad. He is also a minister and composer of Moody Instrumental Music. Taurus is a professional IT Consultant and Web Developer, and he built and maintains the Machospouse.com website for free. Find out more about Taurus through his blog:

"Faithwalk Music: Faith, Music and Life of a Moody Instrumental Musician"

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