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Wherever I Am, I Belong: Thoughts on Being Human and the Faith Walk Required (1 of 8)

image for Wherever I Am, I Belong: Thoughts on Being Human and the Faith Walk Required (1 of 8)
Image for Wherever I Am, I Belong: Thoughts on Being Human and the Faith Walk Required (1 of 8) – Coach T (Taurus M. James)


"Wherever I am, I AM!"

That was the thought that struck me one morning as I strolled through my back yard, the golden rays of dawn embracing the world around me.

It was a moment of reflection on the profound nature of "being" – the essence of existence itself.

As I pondered what it truly means to "be," my thoughts were drawn to a timeless narrative from the pages of the Bible, one that encompasses one of the many names of God – "I AM."

There's something captivating about gazing into the vast expanse of the universe and contemplating my place on this seemingly tiny orb called Earth. The very name "Earth" sparks curiosity within me, especially now that I've come to understand the intriguing relationship between this term and another – "human."

It strikes me that we are often referred to as "human beings," which only deepens the mystery.

So, what exactly is a "human being"?

This question has beckoned me to delve into the essence of our existence, seeking the threads that weave together our identity, purpose, and the greater truths that connect us to a higher reality.

As Coach T, the intersection of faith, athleticism, and manhood has always intrigued me. And in this exploration, I've come to realize that one of the core elements of manhood is the ability to "Manage You" – to manage not just the physical aspects of ourselves, but also the spaces within our minds and hearts.

The Journey

Join me on this journey as we traverse the corridors of faith, athleticism, and manhood, exploring the intertwined dynamics that shape us.

From the concept of "I AM" as both a divine identity and a reflection of our own existence, to the significance of personal space management as an avenue for confidence, clarity, and empowerment – we'll uncover the profound connections that guide us in embracing our true identity and purpose.

As we navigate this path, we'll delve into the powerful notion that faith and identity are intrinsically linked, illuminating the way forward with confidence and purpose.

We'll discover how Jesus, in His journey, exemplified the resilience and power that come from aligning with the "I AM" identity, equipping us to overcome challenges and adversities across the vast tapestry of life on Earth.

So, my friends, let's embark on this voyage together, as we explore the depths of what it means to be human, to walk in faith, and to manage the spaces that define us.

For in these intertwined threads, we'll find the blueprint for a life lived with unshakable confidence, unwavering faith, and a profound sense of belonging wherever we may be.

Stay tuned as we dive into the heart of "Wherever I Am, I Belong: Thoughts on Being Human and the Faith Walk Required."

Coach T

Topics: Identity and Belonging Faith and Personal Space "Manage You" Manhood Theme Embracing "I AM" Identity Faith Walk with Confidence Jesus' Power to Overcome Identity and Purpose Navigating Life's Journey Managing Mind and Space Faith Athletics and Manhood Walking with "I AM" Embracing Faithful Identity



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