A Personal Message About Losing My Eyesight

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A Personal Message About Losing My Eyesight

TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James aka Coach T - Don;t Quit
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Don't Quit! Live through the Loss.

TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James aka Coach T - Don;t Quit

When I started losing my eyesight in 2014, I didn't talk about it. I didn't tell family members, I just kept it to myself.

I struggled through the grief process and found out difficult to sort my emotions. In fact, it was more difficult for me to deal with my emotions than it was to adapt to the loss of my eyesight.

I met a young woman who helped me change the way I think - and speak. The best advice she gave me was to LIVE through the loss.

Since then, I have been doing just that.

LIVE through the loss.

Originally, I made this video for the community at Computer Music Academy (CMA), but it is for anyone who has ears to hear what I'm saying.

This is a tough challenge, especially in my faith walk with Christ. But it is not as tough as other challenges that I have overcome through trusting Christ.

Although it may sound cliché, I Love, Laugh and Live more now, even with this challenge.

I pray for others who are Living through loss.

May God grant you more Grace and more Peace.


What I'm saying in this video is simple - Don't Quit!

I'm passing on encouragement and wisdom I received.

I started losing my eyesight in 2014. The change was quick and drastic. The most difficult part for me was not having any answers regarding why this was happening. 

My years as a stay at home dad and civilian male military spouse helped make strong my confidence in handling change and challenges. But this was different. 

My wife and daughter were patient and helped meget to where I am today, living with this challenge.

Strong, Healthy Marriages is a subject that I am pretty passionate about. in the context of US Military  and readiness, how to develop and maintain strong military marriages is a core issue.

Marriage can be touggh enough, without all of the added challenges from the military context. Like they say, "Life Happens" and"Life Goes On" regardless of the challenges and losses you face. I'm echoing the same words spoken by manypeople whar are greater than I am, and who have overcome challenges and losses far greater than mine. Don't Ever Give Up!

Take time and examine closely what you THINK and what you SAY, especially when challenges arise in your marriage and liofe.Practice restructuring your thoughts and reprasing your statements to put your WILL in front of the challenge you face.Doing this has really changed my course for the better as I navigate this life.

Figure out, "How am I going to...?", even with the challenge. LIVE, while you figure it out. Yes, you can help people after you figure it out, but don't miss the powerful, meaningful impact you can have as you lIVE Through the process of figuring it all out!

Look, I'm not suggesting that you ignore the pain or the loss presented by the challenges. Pain hurts, so go ahead and hurt. Go through the grieving process. But you can't stay there. Remember, life goes on - LIVE - and you will, too.

Look, you may not look like me, think like me or believe like me, but YOU HAVE LIFE like me.LIVE THROUGH THE LOSS. Your life matters and you have the potential to inspire, influence and impact people, directly and indirectly, in positive ways resulting in more meaningful life experiences. Don't Quit!

Grace and Peace!

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