SAHD Life: Doing My Daughter's Hair for School

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SAHD Life: Doing My Daughter's Hair for School

SAHD Life Doing My Daughter's Hair for School


As a male military spouse and Stay-At-Home-Dad, learning to properly care for my ladies' hair has been a challenging and rewarding experience.

Doing my hair is simple. I've been cutting my own hair since my Academy days. I don't waste time worrying about my hair style anymore, I just shave it all off. I cut as low as my shears will allow me to and then I use my Norelco face shaver to shave the sides and back of my head. My haircuts are free and done in 15 minutes, but I could not imagine being able to perfect doing my daughter's hair in the same amount of time.

The big question for me used to be, "How do I do this?" How do I quickly do my daughter's hair in a way that looks nice and still allows me to get her to school on time?

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The answer: Twists.

Let me give a little more background here...

Doing my daughter's hair has never really been a problem for me. I've been doing her hair since she was an infant. I've done my wife's hair a few times as well. When I say "done my wife's hair", I mean wash, put in a perm, and drying but no real styling. With my daughter, it's all styling since mom washes my daughter's hair on weekends (no perms, yet).

What was challenging about doing my wife's hair was me getting over the fear of causing her hair to fall out by messing up a perm. I got over the fear by working with my wife, communicating A LOT, every step of the perm, until we got to the end - clean, straight* hair.

SIDEBAR: From the pics, you can tell that I'm black. My wife and daughter are, too. Black hair is very different from white hair. One basic difference...When black hair gets wet, it gets MORE curly (we say "kinky"), while white hair gets straight when wet. Perms (or "Permanents") make white hair curly, while perms make black hair straight.  

the start of the school year means that I get to work on perfecting a morning routine that includes working a little magic on my daughter's hair.

Here are some pictures of me and my daughter on the second day of school for 2012. I'm finishing her hair before we move into the next step of our morning routine - breakfast.

I just can't get my hands to cooporate for braids and plaits, so I just stick to twists.

This is one of the huge perks of being a stay-at-home-dad. I get to spend this time with my daughter, interacting with her and doing things her hair. These are things she doesn't even think about now, but I'm sure she will remember when she's older.




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