Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at!

Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at!

Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at!

Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at!

I just finished posting the second video tutorial session - "VIP Session 2: Sample Flip w/ Reason NN-XT + MPD32" - on TAURUSBEATS.COM! This VIP Session features the making of my Moody instruMental Music track, "Grace To You".

image for Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at!
Image for Propellerhead Reason Video Tutorial Session 2 Available at! –

Click this link and you will see the 4 videos for this VIP Session (approximately 20 minutes total).

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African Americans in STEM

image for Finished My First Official 5K Race - Run Lucky 5K in OKC

Finished My First Official 5K Race - Run Lucky 5K in OKC

I started running back in the Fall of 2011. My wife runs marathons and half marathons, and she had been trying to get me to run for quite some time. I figured that I'll never do a marathon, but the 5K was doable. When I found out that her dad and brother had started running to train for races, I thought that would be a cool challenge.

I thought the Run Lucky 5K was going to be a rainy, miserable race this year. But the rains stopped in time. The weather was perfect for running at just under 50 degrees and cloudy enough to keep away the sun's heat. Here are my official 5K race results.

Official results:

  • Overall finish: 151/606
  • Age Division finish: 16/61 (40)
  • Gun Time: 25:27
  • Pace: 5:06
  • Chip Time: 24:37
  • Bib #: 1033



This is a great set of commandments for anuone starting to get serious about music production.

image for Now That I

Now That I'm a SAHD (Stay-At-Home-Dad)...The Power of Being Present

Judging from a lot of online discussions that I have read, it appears that there is still a novelty effect when it comes to dads staying home and being the primary caregiver for the kid(s) and taking care of the house. At the same time, I am seeing more Stay-At-Home-Dads (like myself) becoming more of a presence online.

I've been a SAHD for just over a year now and I have learned a lot about the role, but mostly, I've learned alot about myself. Before choosing to be a SAHD last year, I never really gave the topic any thought. Since then, I think about being a SAHD everyday.

The greatest challenges I encounter are internal. I'm talking about the unexpected feelings and thoughts that pop up in certain situations when I'm interacting with my daughter. It's learning that I'm not exactly who I thought I was that has given me the biggest "WOW" moments.

Overall, this opportunity to be so actively involved in my daughter's life has been great! I think about the fact that I get to actively, intentionally, purposefully guide my daughter on a day-to-day basis and I'm grateful. At the same time, I pray that I am demonstrating some qualities that positively impact her character development.

Now, I find myself thinking about my childhood often, especially the interaction I had with my dad, who was a SAHD before the acronym and all this hooplah. My opinions regarding SAHDs is heavily influenced by my experiences with my dad. My choice to stay at home was pretty easy because my dad was a model for me in this role. But it is the power of my dad's presence that makes me say that this is what I must do for my daughter.

image for Cold Suns Piano Music by TaurusBeats

Cold Suns Piano Music by TaurusBeats

"Cold Suns" is the latest part of my musical story. This song expresses my deepest feelings about meeting great people and then having to be separated from them. 

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Veterans' Voices Public Service Announcement

I found this video on the Make The Connection youtube page and it made me think about my dad, who served in Vietnam (US Army). This is a website that is worth checking out.