Check Military By Owner when house hunting

Check Military By Owner when house hunting


Moving your entire life around periodically, and sometimes very unexpectedly, is a challenge that all military families share. When the time comes, it's great to have resources you can use to help alleviate some of the stress involved.

For our last two PCSs (relocations), to Montgomery, Alabama and Alexandria, Virginia, was how we found great homes to rent. We also found homes to buy through the website.

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Find Military Homes for Sale and Houses for Rent near all U.S. Military Bases.  Make your first stop online when searching for off base housing and real estate near base.

The company provides advertising support to military families trying to sell or rent their homes.  The MilitaryByOwner website has become the market leader in the military real estate niche generating over 53 million page views during 2010.

Visit the website.


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image for Westward by TaurusBeats Moody Instrumental Music Collection

Westward by TaurusBeats Moody Instrumental Music Collection

Tracks: 14

  1. Arise
  2. Bedlam
  3. Bedlam (piano version)
  4. Butterfly
  5. Chocolate Sun
  6. Flee to Egypt
  7. Sonic Shuffle
  8. Soulstice
  9. Stomp
  10. Sunset on Eden
  11. These Days
  12. Thunder
  13. Westward
  14. Witness

All songs produced by Taurus M. James (ASCAP)

All songs © 2011, Taurus M. James. All Rights Reserved.

Original, Moody instruMental Music.

image for Veterans Info Site

Veterans Info Site

image for 2018 AIA JAM Camp Is Here

2018 AIA JAM Camp Is Here

I'm excited and nervous about this camp. Excited to witness what the Almighy God is going to do and nervousaboout experiencing His power. God will change the trajectory of these young men's lives!

image for The Ministry of Reconciliation

The Ministry of Reconciliation



1. the restoration of friendly relations.

"his reconciliation with your uncle"

synonyms: reuniting, reunion, bringing together (again), conciliation, reconcilement, rapprochement, fence-mending; More

2. the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.

"he aims to bring about a reconciliation between art and technology"
image for SAHD Life: My First Daddy-Daughter Dance Sweetheart Ball

SAHD Life: My First Daddy-Daughter Dance Sweetheart Ball

The YMCA Adventure Guides Father-Daughter Sweetheart Ball was not on my radar until a good friend of mine told me how he takes his daughters each year. I thought, "Cool! You and your girls are really excited about this thing, huh?" When my wife started getting emails about the event, there was no controlling her excitement. She was even talking about renting a car for the night!


In case you didn't know (like me), a dadddy-daughter dance allows dad an opportunity to set an example and standard for how his daughter should be treated on a date. It is also an opportunity for dad to build that special bond with his daughter and make special memories.

Okay, based on the description above, I tossed the whole daddy-daughter dance thing out the window because my daughter and dating don't even go together in a sentence. And I can build that special bond with my daughter at the creek - FISHING!

But I thought about the whole thing (I do a lot of thinking) and with my "try-almost-anything-once" attitude, I went all in.

That's right! I went to my first daddy-daughter dance AND I LOVED IT!