5K Training Running Activity 3.26 miles

5K Training Running Activity 3.26 miles

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I hit the treadmill around 2:10 this afternoon, not really expecting to finish my run because of not feeling well yesterday. But I ended up running my fastest time for the 5K distance so far - 27:47.

I still run with Outcast playing in my Sansa player. The earlier albums are perfect for my pace.

Today's run time was 30 minutes total and I finished 3.26 miles. Overall, it was a good run. I have to change my heart monitor's "high" zone to be 185 instead of 180. I stayed around 160 for the first 2 miles and then hovered around 176 for the last mile. At the very end of the run, I hit 180 a couple of times because I was changing from shorter to longer strides.

Next run planned for Saturday. I'm going for 5 miles.

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