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Taurus M. James aka "TaurusBeats"
Musician | Artist | Producer | Composer | Mentor
I make moody instrumental music and
I help music producers
make more music in less time
with better results.
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Quality instrumentals produced by TaurusBeats combines all elements of the musical spectrum to create the perfect backgrounds for all artists to tell their stories. Instrumentals are available for lease and exclusive rights. Also contact TaurusBeats for instrumentals custom made for your artistic needs. To learn about licensing agreements for beats click the button below.
Taurus M. James aka "Rev. James"
Former Muslim turned Christ-follower
Reaching People For Christ,
Teaching People In Christ,
Mobilizing People Through Christ
1 John 5: 1-5
Taurus M. James aka "Family Man"
Husband and Stay At Home Dad
Leading by Serving
Living each day with Laughter and Love
Taurus M. James aka "Coach T"
Fitness Minister, Coach and Martial Artist
Helping others better themselves
While becoming better myself
Taurus M. James aka "Falcon"
Civilian Male Military Spouse
US Military Veterans Advocate
Serving those who served
Taurus M. James aka "Road Warrior"
Tourist and Traveler
Experiencing the World's beauty
Taurus M. James aka "Army of One"
Web Developer and I.T. Specialist
Helping People Realize their online business goals
and perform at top levels
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Taurus M. James
Minister | Musician | Mentor