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VISION Digital Album Available On Bandcamp

image for VISION Digital Album Available On Bandcamp
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My latest moody instrumental music collection, VISION, is available online for purchase at Bandcamp.com. Proceeds go to the VISION Program I am currently developing for young men.


Taurus M. James


Smooth, Relaxing, Electronic Hip-Hop Soul, Electro-Soul

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Taurus M. James - Welcome Back
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Taurus M. James - Comes And Goes
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"VISION" is a concept album, containing music that I produced and performed to tell my story of "Living Through The Loss" of my eyesight. i created this music with the idea that the listener would be witnessing a musical/instrumental story divided into separate parts.

Life Story Music to Inspire, Influence and Impact all who have ears to hear.

This collection is the expression of my thoughts and emotions as I "Live through the Loss" of my eyesight. Take a different look at this Life journey with me, Time-Space Taurus James.

With a mix of piano-featured, beat-intense and dramatically-orchestrated tracks, this collection has great tracks that can be used for background music for thinking and reflection. It also has some smooth grooves to relax to along with some intense tracks to stir the emotions.

Chill, Moody Jazz, Instrumental Piano Music, Inspirational Music, Chilled Jazz and other Smooth Sounds by TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James) © 2018.

Thanks to every music producer, musician and artist who has inspired, influenced and impacted me and positively contributed to my music journey. Special Thanks to all of my family, friends and supporters. You are appreciated. Grace and Peace!

This music is for Personal Use entertainment purposes only. Purchasing this project DOES NOT give you permission to use the songs for any other purpose. If you are interested in music production for your project, purchase a "Project Use" license. Please contact me to customize any song for your specific project needs.


released 2018

All songs produced by Taurus M. James. All Rights Reserved. Original, Moody instruMental Music.

Buy the Digital Album at Bandvamp and Support VISION

Buy the collection and help support the VISION Project for young men.

I am currently developing the mentoring program and plan to launch in the Fall of 2019. Your purchase will help me positively IMPACT young men and change the course of their lives for good.

All songs in collection available as high-quality download in MP3 format.

All songs are available for Personal Use only with purchase.

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