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Top 3 Military Base Locators

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Whether you are new to military life as a civilian male military spouse, or you have been in the military life for years, youshouldknow where military installations are located (epecially if your spouse just received orders).

Find Military Bases with these Military Base Locators. Use these Base Locators to Find Military Installations Around The World.

We're Moving Where?

My wife came home one day and told me she got her orders. Before she told me the installation, she told me I might want to sit down.

"Hill Air Force Base", she said.

"Where is that?", I asked.

"Utah.", she replied.

"Where is that?", I asked.

That was more than 17 years ago. But I remember the feeling, like everything stopped for that moment. I remember thinking, "We're moving where?"

I had to loohup Utah on a map. When I found it, I still kept thinking, "We're moving where?"

(Turned out to be one of the best places we have ever lived.)

Back then, I used AAA Triptiks to find Hill AFB, Utah. Now, you canfind military bases much easier online. Here are my Top 3 Online Military Base Locators.

3. Military.com Base Locator

Pretty straight-forward military base listing with a map, so you can see where the installation is located. Click on a military installation link in the list (or the map) to see information about the military base.

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You can browse by state and see the different military bases in the United States and overseas. This site gets bonus points because you can learn more about each base, get directions, find housing nearby, look at hotel rates for the area.

1."OK, Google..."

Using my phone or tablet, I just ask the "Google Lady" to tell me where a military base is. For example, I say, "OK, Google, WHere is Tinker, AFB?" The Google Lady tells where the base is and shows me a map and some other information.

Why number one? As a vision-impaired person,the OK Google voice commands help make finding information easier.Plus, I like talking to the Google Lady.

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Grace and Peace!

Taurus M. James Male Military SpouseTaurus Jamesis the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Taurus is a 20-yearcivilian male military spouse and stay-at-home-dad. He is also a minister and composer ofMoody instruMental Music. Taurus isaprofessional IT Consultant and Web Developer, and hebuilt and maintains the Machospouse.com website for free. Find out more about Taurus through his blog:

"Faithwalk Music: Faith, Music and Life of a Moody instruMental Musician"

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