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Music Playlist TEST PAGE

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Image for Music Playlist TEST PAGE – Taurus M. James

Taurus James Music

Music Playlist (TEST)

As a web developer, I am always developing the assets I have on the Internet and combining my creations in a ways to provide more inspiration.

This page started as an idea to connect my full music catalog website (LifeStoryMusic.com) to this website (TaurusJames.com). This allows visitors to listen to unreleased music from my expanding music catalog right here on TaurusJames.com.

While this page was originally just a test to see if my idea would work, I decided to leave this page active.

So, go ahead and give it a try! Click on one of the tracks in the playlist and listen to my Life Story Music in the background while you work, drive or chill.

Just another way that I am combining my passion for music and web development to create solutions and help other people elevate via inspiration and information.

Email me if you are interested in knowing more about my career experiences as a Senior Web Developer, or if you need help with a web development project.

Until later,


Music Playlist TEST PAGE

Life Story Music

Music from my life story.

Moody Mental Music

Chill, background music, music to work to, music to stury to, Smooth grooves.

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