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Minister I s What I Do, Not Just My Title

What minister means tome by Taurus James

min·is·ter 'min?st?r
1. a member of the clergy, especially in Protestant churches.
synonyms: clergyman, clergywoman, cleric, ecclesiastic, pastor, vicar, rector, priest, parson, deacon, father, man/woman of the cloth, man/woman of God, churchman, churchwoman;

1. attend to the needs of (someone).
"her doctor was busy ministering to the injured"

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"Attend to the needs of others."

That is the phrase that started coming to mind while I was in prayer. No booming voce. No audible sound. Just a thought conveyed in a phrase.

At the time, I was deeply concerned about the loss of my eyesight. Fear, doubt, anxiety were all present. Depression was nearby, too. I envisioned each of them personified, entering my circle, all around, at once.

In prayer, I hide in the shadow of the cross of Christ. It's quiet there. I hear my heart beat there, along with my breaths. I hear my thought there, too. They are ofte the loudest of all.

"Attend to the needs of others."

This one thought silenced all the others.It didn't really fit my train of thought at the time.Whlie my thoughtswere directed towards a future me that I could not see, this one thought was directed towards others,now.


I was never one who cared much for titles. I still have a bit of a reaction to being called Minister James, but until now, I kept all that to myself.

I find it interesting that even before I started following Christ, people called me "Minister", expecially in the Nation of Islam, well before I knew what it meant. Brother Eric, in Colorado Springs, was good for this.


"Attend to the needs of others."

This one thought was an interruption of my thoughts. More like an overruling of my thoughts. Whenever I would start my train of thoughtsagain cincerned with my situation and circumstances, this one thought returned with the same result.



The verb is stronger than the noun.


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