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Military Calendar 01 January

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A list of holidays, observances and events recognized throughout the month of January including federal, non-federal and religious holidays and more.


January Military Calendar of  Holidays, Events, Observances (United States)

January 1 - New Year's Day 

Third Monday in January - Martin Luther King's Birthday

January 20 - Presidential Inauguration Day

Regular Monthly Organization Tasks

Here are some things thatI do in January to help me stay organized and keep my sanity as a male military spouse.

Check Yearly HOME PLAN

I make a plan for my home each year. Nothing extravagant. I simply sit quietly and think about what I want for the year, why I want it and how I am going to get it. I focus on my home - inside and out. Then, I record/write the plan. (My eyesight is impaired, so I record my thoughts and have the Google Lady transcribe my recordings for me.)

Check/Update the HOME FILE

My home file is the central file of my life. It's the place where I keep all the notes, codes and other ifo I use daily to do what I do.This is the "go-to '' file my wife and daughter can use when I am no longer here.


This spreadsheet has the accounts and amounts. Very useful when filing taxes.

Check Yearly LIFE PLAN

Like the home plan, but focused on my life. I do an exercise each year in which I get one word to live by. My one word is my guiding word. It is always a verb. For example, my one word for 2019 was "release" and i wrote it on my white board and kept it in front of me all year. At the end of the year, Ireleased" 5 albums of my moody instrumental music on all streaming platforms. I a;so "released" a lot of bitterness I was holding against people for past wrongs they had done. I also practiced "releasing" my wife and daughter quickly (refusing to hold anything against them) allowing no hard feelings to carry over into the next day.


I take a break during the holidays. My flexible schedule becomes even more flexible as I allow myself to relax more. I change my rhythm completely during the holidays. Since my birthday is right after Christmas, I use that week to enjoy life more.I still do what I need to do, but way more relaxed - on purpose. January is the new beginning for my personal outline. I take it slow getting back into the routine - starting by doing one thing consistently, at the same time  each day. I gradually built from there. This intentional slow-down and slow-restart has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my battle against depression.

My Approach To January As A Male Military Spouse

Not trying to make it seem like I'm all organized. I'm far from it. In fact, I use the tasks above to tame my cluttered existence. This works for me. I find thatI am not successful each year by rigidly going through a list of tasks. I am successful by being flexible and using the tasks to realign myself as I move throughout the year. The key is knowing yourself ("Know Thyself.") I am a creative, innovator/builder. Before you try to implement other people's suggestions and tips, know yourself.

- Taurus

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