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JAM Session 5 - Trust The Process - Talk Framework for JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood)

Topics: JAM Session 5 Trust the PROCESS Talk Framework Jesus Athletics Manhood JAM Camp Session Talk< JAM Camp Session JAM Session

image for JAM Session 5 - Trust The Process - Talk Framework for JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood)
Image for JAM Session 5 - Trust The Process - Talk Framework for JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) – John Oliver (Coach John), Taurus James (Coach T)

JAM Session 5 — Trust the PROCESS

Written by John Oliver

Edited vy Taurus James

JAM Session 5 - Trust The Process - Talk Framework for JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood)

Title: JAM Camp - Trusting the Process: A Journey of Faith, Athletics, and Manhood


  • Introduce JAM Camp (Jesus Athletics Manhood) and its mission.
  • Explain that JAM Session 5 focuses on "Trust the Process" and its importance in the camp's context.
  • Mention the target audience: Older camp facilitators and mentors addressing teen boys ages 13-18.

I. Understanding the Main Points

  • Explain the two main points of the talk:
    1. Realizing that growth and maturity in sports, life, and their Christian walk is a process.
    2. Assuring them that they are equipped to overcome challenges and succeed.

II. The Foundation: Main Scripture Verse

  • Introduce the main scripture verse: Philippians 1:6 - "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
  • Highlight the significance of this verse in guiding the discussion on trusting the process.

III. Setting the Stage: Manhood Theme - Responsible Leadership

  • Remind readers of the Manhood Theme explored throughout JAM Camp—Responsible Leadership.
  • Emphasize the importance of this theme in shaping the talk and its relevance to the teen boys' lives.

IV. The Talk Framework

  • Explain that the talk framework is not meant to be a script but a guideline for speakers to follow.
  • Emphasize the reliance on the Holy Spirit for preparation and execution of the talk.

V. Drawing Inspiration from Sports: The Philadelphia 76ers - "Trust the Process"

  • Provide background on the Philadelphia 76ers' motto and its relevance to our Christian walk.
  • Discuss how the concept of trusting the process in sports applies to our faith journey.

VI. Emphasizing the Biblical Foundations

  • Recap previous JAM Camp principles related to the process of Christian growth, such as "Audience of One," "Holy Sweat," and "Wholly Surrender."
  • Highlight the role of trials and suffering in refining our faith.

VII. Exploring the Scriptures

  • Examine key Bible verses that underscore the importance of the growth process: a. 1 Peter 2:2 - Studying God's Word for growth. b. John 15:5 - Remaining connected to God for fruitfulness.

VIII. Trust the Process

  • Reinforce the main point: Trust the Process in their Christian journey.
  • Encourage campers to embrace challenges with confidence, knowing that God will guide them.

IX. Reiterating the Manhood Theme

  • Remind campers of the Manhood Theme - Responsible Leadership.
  • Call them to embody responsible leadership in their actions and relationships.


  • Acknowledge the role of older camp facilitators and mentors in guiding the teens.
  • Express gratitude for their dedication to JAM Camp's mission.
  • Encourage them to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as they deliver the talk.
  • Reiterate the importance of Trusting the Process and inspiring the young boys to embrace growth in their faith, sports, and manhood.

Closing Thoughts:

  • End the article with a motivational and uplifting message for the facilitators and mentors.
  • Encourage them to impact these young lives positively during JAM Session 5.
  • Thank them again for being part of this transformative experience.

Note: Depending on the desired length and format of the article, you may expand on each section and provide practical examples, personal anecdotes, or relevant quotes to engage the readers further.

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