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JAM Session 1 - My BAD - Understanding the Problem of Sin

Topics: JAM Session 1 My Bad The Problem of Sin Talk Framework Jesus Athletics Manhood JAM Camp Session Talk< JAM Camp Session JAM Session

image for JAM Session 1 - My BAD - Understanding the Problem of Sin
Image for JAM Session 1 - My BAD - Understanding the Problem of Sin – John Oliver (Coach John), Taurus James (Coach T)

JAM Session 1 - "My BAD" - Understanding the Problem of Sin


  • Welcoming the boys to JAM Camp and introducing JAM Session 1 - "My BAD."
  • Explaining the concept of admitting mistakes and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Mentioning the focus on understanding the problem of sin and its significance in sports and life.

I. The Manhood Theme: RESPONSIBILITY

  • Emphasizing the importance of responsibility in manhood, particularly in admitting mistakes and dealing with the consequences.
  • Discussing the role of honesty and accountability in becoming honorable men.

II. The Meaning of SIN

  • Defining SIN as an immoral act considered a transgression against divine law.
  • Relating the concept of sin to not meeting God's standard of perfection.

III. Athletics: Admitting Mistakes

  • Analyzing the popular attitude towards admitting mistakes in sports.
  • Encouraging the boys to reflect on their experiences in sports and how they handle making mistakes.

IV. Manhood: The Problem of Not Admitting Wrong

  • Highlighting the challenge of admitting wrong, particularly for men.
  • Introducing the biblical story of Adam and Eve as an example of the problem of not taking responsibility.

V. The Story of Adam and Eve

  • Presenting key events from Genesis 2 and 3, focusing on Adam and Eve's response to their wrongdoing.
  • Discussing how Adam and Eve shifted blame instead of owning their actions.

VI. The Importance of Taking Responsibility

  • Drawing lessons from the story of Adam and Eve about the significance of taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Emphasizing that true manhood involves admitting mistakes and not shifting blame.

VII. Discussion Questions:

  1. Who was responsible for doing wrong in the story of Adam and Eve?
  2. Who took responsibility for their actions, and why is taking responsibility essential in becoming a man?
  3. Have you ever blamed someone else for your mistakes in sports or daily life? How did it make you feel, and what could you have done differently?

VIII. Understanding Sin's Impact

  • Reflecting on the consequences of sin in our lives and its effects on our relationship with God.
  • Discussing the emotions of shame and guilt that often accompany wrongdoing.

IX. Seeking Forgiveness and Transformation

  • Exploring the concept of seeking forgiveness from God and others when we do wrong.
  • Discussing the potential for growth and transformation when we take responsibility for our actions.


  • Summarizing the key points from JAM Session 1.
  • Encouraging the boys to embrace responsibility and honesty as they continue their journey towards becoming strong and honorable men.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Inspiring the boys to reflect on their actions and choices beyond JAM Camp.
  • Encouraging them to seek God's guidance in taking responsibility and growing in character.
  • Reminding them that admitting mistakes and seeking forgiveness is a powerful step towards becoming true leaders and men of integrity.

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