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How To Avoid Becoming a Military Divorce Statistic

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Hey guys, here's some solid marital advice for military spouses from male spouse Eric Gardner. This blog post goes well with our Macho Spouse video series on communication. Thank you NextGen MilSpouse for bringing Eric to our attention!

Macho Spouse vs. Military Divorce

Here at Macho Spouse, one of our aims is to: 

  • Help reverse a divorce rate that is nearly three times higher than the national average. Enlisted female soldiers continue to experience the highest rate of divorce - 9.4 percent. In the Army, the female enlisted divorce rate is more than triple that of enlisted males. (Military.com)

In order to do this, we connect male military spouses to people, information and resources needed to navigate this lifestyle. We are always looking for ways to help male spouses and their families and we appreciate any help we get.

From the article...

Here's what I've learned after many years as a military spouse. Studies show divorce within the ranks has fallen slightly in recent years, yet it has touched many of us personally or we know someone who has weathered that storm.

Read the rest of the article.

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Help us help other male military spouses by leaving a tip on how to avoid becoming a military divorce statistic. Leave acomment below or post your story.

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