Dreamweaver Dark Code View Theme

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Dreamweaver Dark Code View Theme

As a Web Developer, I'm usually sitting in front of the computer for many hours at a time during the day. My eyes get tired after awhile, especially when I'm looking at lines and lines of code on a screen with a white background.

Dreamweaver CS4 is my go-to code editor because it has so many great features. It even allows customization of the code viewing environment, which I had played around with in the padt.

I was really happy when I found this great post on how to setup a dark code view theme in Dreamweaver. 

image for Dreamweaver Dark Code View Theme
Image for Dreamweaver Dark Code View Theme –

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A dark code view theme for Dreamweaver

I don't know about you, but sometimes I tire of looking at a bright white code view all the time. Dreamweaver has a great coding environment but the default colour scheme isn't always suitable, especially when your coding in the dark.

Luckily you can change the default code view colour scheme, although it's a bit time consuming and there is a lot of trial and error. But if you're feeling particularly lazy, and you like the look of the theme I have happening in the screenshot below, then you're in luck.

dreamweaver dark code theme