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Coach T Focus Points 2018 JAM Camp Xenia: The Chaos of Arrogance

image for Coach T Focus Points 2018 JAM Camp Xenia: The Chaos of Arrogance
Image for Coach T Focus Points 2018 JAM Camp Xenia: The Chaos of Arrogance – Taurus M. James

Coach T Focus Points

At JAM Camp, everyone know me as"Coach T", but not everyone knows about my eyesight issues. I still struggle with sever blurry vision, but my brain has adapted to this way of seeing. Through this journey, The Creator continues to teach me how to see. I have learned a lot about what I call "intentional focus" and I pass on what I learn through "Coach T Focus Points".

The Chaos of Arrogance

As the Lab Director of the  2018 Athletes In Action JAM Camp, I cdecided to start the first lab immediately after the JAM Session, while the young men were still in the Staff Dining Room (SDR). I told them to meet me on the volleyball court in 10 minutes. That was it.

What happened? The Creator taught is all about the chaos of arrogance.

Following The Creator

It is one thing to talk about being "led by The Spirit". Actually walking it out is not something I can completely convey. I can try and describe what it is like for me, but the experiences vary.  The best way I feel that I explain it is when I am making music in my "Soul Speak Sessions."

Like my Soul Speak Sessions, following The Spirit's leading is a step-by-step experience, but it is unplanned, unrehearsed, impromptu, etc. I never know what the end result is going to be, but I am fully "in the moment" taking one step at a time, with the next step reveled only after taking the first.

Yeah, I know what I just gave was a bunch of cliches. But the experiences I have had following The Creator are anything but cliche! 

The Chaos

This was a huge risk on my part because it was my first time at JAM Camp and my first time directing the labs. I was VERY aware that my approach could be negatively viewed as not knowing what I'm doing.

I didn't inform anyone of what I planned to do, not my assistants, not the other leaders, nor the mentors. Chaos is what happened.

As the young men took to the volleyball courts in a huge gaggle of a mess, some young men attempted to form teams, while others just started throwing the ball over the net. There was a lot of yelling back and forth, puzzled looks on the faces of adult on-lookers, mentors and assitants. There were some attempts by others to bring some order to the chaos. This continued for several minutes as I walke around the outside of the courts silently observing.

The Arrogance

Finally, I bleww my whistle. 

When there was silence on the courts, I asked, "Who knows what we are supposed to be doing?"

After a couple of faint answers from the crowd, I asked, "Did anyone ask?"

No one answered.


Then, I highlighted my point.

"Arrogance shows itself through assumptions.  Most of you assumed you knew what we were to do, but no one asked! The result, as we just witnessed, is chaos. Before we tackle any of the scriptural principles, you all must be teachable! To be teachable, you must be humble enough to know that you don't know everything. You must be humble enough to ask for direction and instruction. You must be TEACHABLE!"

From that point, we all started learning, together.

The Focus Point

The Creator gives grace to the humble, but stiff-hands the arrogant. That's my paraphrase of a vers referenced in 1 Peter and James 4.

"God resists the proud,

But gives grace to the humble."

Q: How do you follow The Creator?

A: Humbly.

Following The Creator, I am learning to stay "in Christ", as this is the only thing protecting me from my arrogance. The way I say it and live it...

Christ is all I got! I got nothing else!

That's the Focus Point.

Grace and Peace!



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JAM Camp Dates

Jume 28 - July 2 2018

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