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ChatGPT prompts to help you write your next book [CLONE]

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I got asked this question a couple of times already, so I decided to dive deep and write a quick guide out of it. I'll be quick and straight to the point not to waste the time of my lovely Redditors.

Note: I'm not the writer, so it's highly possible that I forgot something. If I did, please let me know.

Here's the list of tasks where ChatGPT can help you:

  • Generate a Book Outline

  • Develop a Plotline

  • Create a Character

  • Write Chapters and Sections

  • Establish a Scene

  • Write Dialogues

  • Research Information

  • Get Feedback on Writing

  • Marketing, Promotion, and Outreach

And here are the prompts you can use for each task:

Generate a Book Outline

Act as a seasoned writer. Generate a book outline based on the premise: [describe the premise]. The book should consist of [n] chapters that effectively develop and present the story. The outline should provide a clear and logical structure, including key plot points, character arcs, and thematic development. Each chapter should have a specific purpose and contribute to the overall narrative. The outline should also consider pacing and flow, ensuring a balance between action, suspense, and character development. Additionally, consider incorporating subplots, conflict, and resolution into the outline to create a well-rounded and engaging story.


Act as an experienced writer. Create a book concept based on [describe topic]. The book should be captivating and informative, appealing to a wide audience. Develop a compelling storyline or structure for the book, outlining the chapters and sections.

Develop a Plotline

Act as an experienced writer. Develop an intriguing and captivating plot that will captivate readers from beginning to end. Ensure that the plotline contains well-developed characters, compelling conflicts, and a unique and memorable setting. Pay attention to pacing, suspense, and character growth to create a narrative that will keep readers turning the pages and leave a lasting impression.

Create a Character

Act as a Book character development specialist. Design a compelling book character that [character description]. Dive deep into the psyche of the character, understanding their motivations, fears, strengths, and weaknesses. Create a detailed backstory, physical description, and emotional arc that aligns with the story's overall narrative. Ensure that the character resonates with readers and adds depth to the storyline.

Write Chapters and Sections

Act as an experienced writer. Write a chapter for a book that [chapter description]. The chapter should captivate readers and provide valuable insight or information related to the overall theme or plot of the book. Make sure to maintain a consistent tone and writing style that aligns with the rest of the book.

Establish a Scene

Act as a seasoned book writer. Develop a detailed setting that [setting description]. The setting should be vivid, immersive, and capable of transporting the reader to this place when they dive into the narrative. Ensure that the setting is both believable and intriguing, drawing readers in and making them eager to explore more of this world you've created.

Write Dialogues

Act as a seasoned book writer and dialogue expert. Craft a compelling and engaging dialogue between [characters] as they discuss [topic]. The dialogue should reflect each character's unique voice, background, and perspective. Incorporate nuances, conflicts, or mutual understanding to showcase the depth and dynamics of their relationship. The dialogue should flow naturally, offering a realistic pace and rhythm that maintains the reader's interest. Pay attention to the subtext, ensuring that what is unsaid is just as impactful as what is spoken. Ensure that the conversation progresses the storyline or reveals significant character insights, delivering both depth and substance to the overarching narrative.

Research Information

Act as a book research expert. Conduct a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the [topic] to provide accurate, relevant, and current information for the book project. Your research should cover various credible sources, including academic papers, expert opinions, primary sources, and trusted publications. Organize your findings in a clear and structured manner, making them easy to reference and understand. Highlight key insights, statistics, anecdotes, or case studies that can add depth and authenticity to the book's narrative. Ensure all information is properly cited to maintain the integrity and credibility of the book.

Get Feedback on Writing

Act as a proofreading specialist. Carefully review [certain aspect of the book] to ensure its clarity, coherence, and effectiveness in conveying the intended message. Your evaluation should focus on both the content and the style, identifying any areas that require refinement, omission, or elaboration. Check for consistency in voice, tone, and narrative flow, ensuring the [certain aspect] aligns well with the overarching theme and intent of the book. Provide constructive feedback, offering specific recommendations for improvement, and highlighting strengths to maintain.

Marketing, Promotion, and Outreach

Act as an expert on email marketing and writing cold outreach emails. Write an email on my behalf for my book "[book title]" which is about [book topic].


Research and provide insights into successful book marketing campaigns in the same category as my book. My book category is [category].


Act as a marketing specialist with expertise in copywriting. Your primary responsibility is to devise and implement a robust marketing strategy to promote and amplify the visibility of my book titled "[book title]". Start by understanding the core themes, target audience, and unique selling points of the book. Develop a multi-channel marketing plan, identifying key platforms and mediums that align with the book's audience. Craft compelling copy for promotional materials, including press releases, email campaigns, social media posts, and advertisements, ensuring each piece captures the essence of the book and resonates with potential readers. Use persuasive language and powerful hooks to drive interest and conversions.

P.S: These prompts were originally posted as a blog post: ChatGPT prompts for writing a book.

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