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2021 JAM Camp Xenia JAM Sessions and Manhood Themes

image for 2021 JAM Camp Xenia JAM Sessions and Manhood Themes
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2021 JAM Camp Xenia JAM Session Talks and Manhood Themes


JAM Camp Xenia 2021 – Day 1

WHO ARE YOU? - Coach T (Taurus James)


MH BAD - Coach Williams (Kendrick Wiliams)

Below is a short summary from Day 1 of JAM Camp.

Today's activities were focused on welcoming the students and emphasizing the Power of their Presence (or importance of their lives). 

Coach T asked them the question, Who are you?  He emphasized that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. 

Coach Williams shared during the first JAM Session on the subject of "My Bad".  He shared from the book of Genesis in the Bible and explained the original sin of Adam and Eve.

Students participated in their first lab (volleyball games) which is intended for them to apply the lessons and concepts from the JAM Session talk. 

They also discussed the "manhood" theme of the day which is taking responsibility when we do wrong.

Coach Harden

The evening concluded with a motivational talk from Coach Harden (Xenia High School head football coach)

Being responsible with money - Coach Stephen (Stephen Oliver)

Stephen shared the Biblical purpose of money and stressed the importance of J.A.M. (in reverse) - Make a plan; Adjust the plan as required; and Jump in and do the plan.


JAM Camp Xenia 2021 – Day 2

WHAT'S THE PENALTY? - Coach T (Taurus James)


JAM Camp Xenia 2021 – Day 3

THE ANSWER - Coach Williams (Kenrick Williams)

After breakfast the campers were split into 2 separate groups.  The first group worked through a series of team problem solving drills on the volleyball court.  They were required to work together to find solutions to accomplish a common goal, usually within a set time period.  These drills tested their ability to listen, communicate and think -- it also required them to trust their teammates and appreciate the need to ask for help when needed.  The other group attended a strength, speed and agility session in the Sports Performance Center.  

JAM Session 3 and Lab continued the theme from Session 2 (What's the Penalty), by sharing that there is an Answer (Session 3) to the sin problem and penalty we all face.  It integrated the Manhood theme that good leaders seek Answers to their problems.  During Lab one student stood out by accepting the penalty or consequence for the mistakes made by all teams during their volleyball games.  He willingly did the physical drills required by the Lab Director whenever any team made a mistake.

Students were encouraged with a motivational talk from two AIA sports legends (former NFL coach and former top level college football player).  They stressed the importance of physical, spiritual and emotional preparation as requirements for success.

Next, the students were entertained, encouraged and challenged by K-Drama (Christian rap artist from Cincinnati).  In addition to providing a great concert, he shared some of his personal struggles while growing up.

The night concluded by announcing the results of the draft for the SPECIAL teams.  The SPECIAL is the culminating event of JAM Camp and is a pretty intense team sports competition that will challenge each student physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It begins tomorrow night.  

Students will tour Central State University tomorrow morning as part of their Manhood series that focuses on options for life after high school.

Overall, Day 3 was another great day (with great weather) for JAM Camp.


JAM Camp Xenia 2021 – Day 4

THE DECISION - Coach Hill (Jaye Hill)



JAM Camp Xenia 2021 – Day 5



JAM Camp Xenia 2021 – Day 6

WHAT ARE YOUR STATS? - Coach T (Taurus James)

TRUST THE PROCESS - Coach Hill (Jaye Hill)












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