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2020 JAM Camp Cru Inner City / Athletes In Action Xenia Cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19

image for 2020 JAM Camp Cru Inner City /  Athletes In Action Xenia Cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19
Image for 2020 JAM Camp Cru Inner City / Athletes In Action Xenia Cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19 – Taurus M. James

This years JAM Camp is cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the Lab Director of the  2019 JAM Camp (Cru - Athletes In Action) in Xenia, Ohio, young men experience me as "Coach T" (Truth).

I pray that you and your families are doing well, staying healthy and most importantly....growing in your faith and trust of God's sovereignty.

I wanted to give you a quick update on this year's JAM Camp in light of the pandemic and its associated restrictions. Based on the uncertainty of when the social distancing restrictions will be lifted (now, no earlier than Apr 30), we've decided to defer this year's weeklong JAM Camp (Jun 22-27) until the summer of 2021, specific dates to be determined. This uncertainty also has a major impact on marketing, recruiting and appeals to financially support student attendance at camp...all of which were considered in the decision to cancel this year's weeklong camp.

We're holding out hope and trusting God that if the restrictions are lifted by the end of April or soon thereafter, we'll be able to hold an abbreviated camp (likely 1-2 day) sometime this summer. Specifics on how that would look are just being considered. As we get closer to the end of April and get a better idea of how things are playing out, I'll provide an update and if appropriate, begin the dialogue on plans for the camp.

I realize that based on the current situation many folks are facing, a Christian based sports camp might be the furthest thought for many...but, I'm also confident that many families that our camp has touched will be thirsting for anything we can offer if we're able.

I'm encouraged and challenged by the persistent widow in Luke 18....and the message from Jesus to His disciples that they (we) should always pray and not give up. Please continue in prayer for our nation, families and those without Christ during this unusual time in our history.

Thanks for being a part of this ministry in whatever capacity you've previously served or may serve in the future.

In Christ


2019 JAM Camp Pictures



JAM Camp website by Tracy Awino



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5/21/2024 10:45:25 AM