Websites and Web Property Development TJ Tech Pros

Websites and Web Property Development TJ Tech Pros

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Here is a list of Web Properties that I built.

What is a Web Property?

According to Wikipedia

A web property is a point of presence (e.g. a website, social media account, blog, etc.) on the web that is an asset of an entity (e.g. an individual or corporation) used for the purpose of representing a brand, person or other identity.

Property Developer analogy

When friends and family would ask me whait I do for work, I explained that I am an IT Professional. The blank looks and dead air I got back let me know my description didn't reach them. So, I started explaining that I build Web Properties and rent them out or sell them, like a Housing Developer does with homes. The conversations really take off when I use this analogy.

The web properties I build are fully-functioning, search engine optimized, dynamic, database driven - which simply means that they are all "move-in ready". People interested in renting or buying get a property that is already "working" or functioning and they can to do customizations, like changing colors, hanging pictures, and having their mail forwarded to the new email address. Like I said, it kinda like renting or buying a house or apartment.

Why I like being a Web Property Developer

People know about websites and website development, for the most part. But I find that people respond with interest and questions when I talk about how I develop properties online and rent them out and sell them. I invest a few dollars on a domain name registration, a name closely related to a hot topic, and build a website with starter content. Then, I put up a "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign. Since the web properties (websites) are usually related to topics I'm interested in, I'll post something to periodically. I also sell advertising space on the properties while waiting for someone to "move in".

I love coding. I love developing web applications. I relize the terms are technical. So, let me state it like this. I love puzzles. I love building stuff. I love figuring things out. I also love helping people. Building web properties gives me immediate satisfaction. it feels good to see my ideas actually working online. It feels even better when those ideas are working to help other people "be great and do great things." 

Web Property Development by TJ Tech Pros

Here is a list of domains I have and some of the web properties that are available for rent or for sale.



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