Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch

Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch

Veterans Info Site - information for US Military Veterans - website by Taurus M. James

UPDATE: The Veterans Info Channel website is now Veterans Info Site - information for US Military Veterans.

US Military Veterans Information

Find and Share Veterans Information, resources, services and products that military veterans and their families need.

image for Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch
Image for Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch – is here to help you find and share veterans information.

Find and Share your Veterans Information now.

Veterans Information Channel Website

I did a "soft launch" of the Veterans Info Channel website today. The official launch of the website will be in mid-March.

The Veterans Info Channel is intended to provide a single Resource Center for our US Military Veterans, current US Service members and their family members. Specific and current Information related to Benefits, Housing, Employment and Medical Assistance is provided in an accurate and timely manner.

This project is VERY special to me because I am always seeking ways to help those who serve - and have served - their country. As a military spouse, I see the importance of having timely information regarding Veterans benefits and services.

The Veterans Information Channel website is one way that I can help US Military Veterans get the info they need.

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African Americans in STEM

image for 5K Training Running Activity 4.10 miles

5K Training Running Activity 4.10 miles

I ran with my wife, Trauna, today and did 4.1 miles. I ran 2.11 miles before starting intervals (run/walk). The run was good overall, but I have to watch my pace. I got to a 9 minute/mile pace on mile 2 - too fast.

image for Daron Lytle IFBB Pro bodybuilder

Daron Lytle IFBB Pro bodybuilder

IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Daron Lytle is one of the guys who inspires me in fitness. I've been following him since 2012, when he contacted me via the Macho Spouse, Male Military Spouse website.

image for TJ Technology Professionals Website Launched!

TJ Technology Professionals Website Launched!

I launched the new website for my IT Services company today. The new website replaces the TMJCSS.COM website I had been using since I started freelancing back in 2003.

I finally established TJ Technology Professionals, LLC while we were stationed in Virginia. It was pretty tough to decide when and where to officially register the business, mainly because of my status as a military spouse and the amount of moving around we do.

Now you know where to go if you need a website designed or developed, or if you need managed IT services - TJ Technology Professionals, LLC.

image for Taekwondo Speed Training

Taekwondo Speed Training

Don't laugh, but I just recently started Taekwondo (TKD) at age 40. I remember growing up watching Jhoon Rhee commercials and wanting to join a karate class, but we just didn't have the money. There I was at 10 years old watching kung fu theater on Saturday mornings and I would see these commercials pop up. "Nobody bothers me" was the tagline that stuck in my head.
Skip ahead some 30 years and now I have my own daughter and it's the first time I walk into a Taekwondo  class. In the beginning, it was all about my daughter learning TKD, getting discipline, learning respect and all that. But while I was watching her in class, I started thinking, "it will be cool to actually do the class with her." So, a few months after we arrived in Oklahoma, I began my first Taekwondo class. Yep, at 40 years old.
image for Finished My First Official 5K Race - Run Lucky 5K in OKC

Finished My First Official 5K Race - Run Lucky 5K in OKC

I started running back in the Fall of 2011. My wife runs marathons and half marathons, and she had been trying to get me to run for quite some time. I figured that I'll never do a marathon, but the 5K was doable. When I found out that her dad and brother had started running to train for races, I thought that would be a cool challenge.

I thought the Run Lucky 5K was going to be a rainy, miserable race this year. But the rains stopped in time. The weather was perfect for running at just under 50 degrees and cloudy enough to keep away the sun's heat. Here are my official 5K race results.

Official results:

  • Overall finish: 151/606
  • Age Division finish: 16/61 (40)
  • Gun Time: 25:27
  • Pace: 5:06
  • Chip Time: 24:37
  • Bib #: 1033