Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch

Veterans Info Channel Website Soft Launch

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UPDATE: The Veterans Info Channel website is now Veterans Info Site - information for US Military Veterans.

US Military Veterans Information

Find and Share Veterans Information, resources, services and products that military veterans and their families need. is here to help you find and share veterans information.

Find and Share your Veterans Information now.

Veterans Information Channel Website

I did a "soft launch" of the Veterans Info Channel website today. The official launch of the website will be in mid-March.

The Veterans Info Channel is intended to provide a single Resource Center for our US Military Veterans, current US Service members and their family members. Specific and current Information related to Benefits, Housing, Employment and Medical Assistance is provided in an accurate and timely manner.

This project is VERY special to me because I am always seeking ways to help those who serve - and have served - their country. As a military spouse, I see the importance of having timely information regarding Veterans benefits and services.

The Veterans Information Channel website is one way that I can help US Military Veterans get the info they need.

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Yeah, I'm that guy!


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The Ark Encounter Williamstown Kentucky 2017

We made it this time! Last week, we had a family trip to Cane's because we mistakenly thought the Ark was at the Creation Museum.

I call it the Ark Experience, because moving around it and in ti really is an experience. It is also an encounter, because no matter what you believe or think about this thing, it really does cause you to think.

We all enjoyed it and look forward to visiting it again.

Oh yeah...I took pictures of the "Spooky Jesus" (formerly known as "Touchdiwn Jesus" before lightning struck I'm told) on the way back home.


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