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OBC In Christ Website

OBC In Christ Website by Taurus M. James - TJ Tech Pros

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I completed the OBC In Christ community website at obcinchrist.com.

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African Americans in STEM

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2016 CMA Bang Show Final Results


A. R. Music vs. TaurusBeats

Ray-Dee 3000 vs. Diggahertz


TaurusBeats vs. Diggahertz




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Road Trip Oklahoma to Alabama to Florida Part 1

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I love hitting the road for the Christmas holiday season! My wife prefers to fly, but the road is so much better. Montgomery, Alabama is just the first stop on our Holiday Tour of the South.

Road Trip from Edmond, Oklajoma to Montgomery, Alabama to Tallahassee, Florida for Christmas and New Year

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Edmond Oklahoma Tornado May 19 2013

We knew the storms were fierce out here in Oklahoma, but I never thought I would see several tornadoes right outside my front door. I took these pictures of tornadoes passing over my neighbor's house. Some of the pictures have several tornadoes passing by in the distance (over Historic Route 66 near Arcadia Lake in Edmond).

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J is for JESUS

When I was invited to participate in the 2018 JAM Camp, I learned what the camp was about. J is for JESUS.

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Taekwondo Speed Training

Don't laugh, but I just recently started Taekwondo (TKD) at age 40. I remember growing up watching Jhoon Rhee commercials and wanting to join a karate class, but we just didn't have the money. There I was at 10 years old watching kung fu theater on Saturday mornings and I would see these commercials pop up. "Nobody bothers me" was the tagline that stuck in my head.
Skip ahead some 30 years and now I have my own daughter and it's the first time I walk into a Taekwondo  class. In the beginning, it was all about my daughter learning TKD, getting discipline, learning respect and all that. But while I was watching her in class, I started thinking, "it will be cool to actually do the class with her." So, a few months after we arrived in Oklahoma, I began my first Taekwondo class. Yep, at 40 years old.