Midday Vibe Piano Freestyle Video

Midday Vibe Piano Freestyle Video

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This is one of my piano freestyle videos. This is what I do to train my ear and develop keyboarding skills.

One of the most rewarding things for me when I make Moody Instrumental Music is what I call the "learning journey." I didn't start out knowing how to make beats, produce music, play piano or keyboard, use Propellerhead Reasonn, use the Akai MPD32, record videos, or create beautiful music from the rough ideas in my head. My "learning journey" is what has allowed me to do all of what I do musically. The journey has been long - more than a decade now - but my music clearly prooves that the journey is worth it.

Taurus Makes a Beat Midday Vibe Piano Freestyle Video Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats

I make sure that I set aside time each week to spend on my craft. I call my music time my "music sessions" to help me focus on what I want to accomplish. I set a goal for each music session and I work within the set time to complete the goal.

For one of my music sessions, I was working on playing the keyboard/piano by ear. I started out by creating a basic groove using Propellerhead Reason. The groove had a basic drum pattern, a bass line and rhodes pattern. I played this groove pattern in a look while I improvised on the keys. The goal of this session was to complete three song ideas by the end of the two-hour session.

Here's a video of me improvising on a track that I call "Midday Vibe". Unfortunately, I wasn't recoding the piano while I was playing. So, I don't have this song available as a download. But you can go to TaurusBeats.com and download other Moody instruMental Music that I created.

Taurus M. James aka TaurusBeats
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I make moody instrumental music and
I help music producers
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Quality instrumentals produced by TaurusBeats combines all elements of the musical spectrum to create the perfect backgrounds for all artists to tell their stories. Instrumentals are available for lease and exclusive rights. Also contact TaurusBeats for instrumentals custom made for your artistic needs. To learn about licensing agreements for beats click the button below.

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