How to Make Beats Laying Down Basic Music Ideas

How to Make Beats Laying Down Basic Music Ideas

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I like to make Moody Instrumental Music on Saturday mornings. Sometimes, I start out the morning with playing around on the keyboard until I play a chord or melody that catches me and inspires me to develop more of a song. I call this my exploration and discovery process for making music.

Since I don't start with any musical pieces in my head (the way I normally do), I just make time to "explore" and "discover" music using this method. Rather than try to develop entire song ideas using this method, I just try to get the basic parts - the "foundation" - of a song captured in Propellerhead Reason. This way, I can always come back to the track later and develop it.

In this video, watch how I start out with two very basic 4-note piano chords and build a basic song idea. The bass and drums are added to the piano to create a "chill" song idea - something to lounge to on a nice Saturday morning.

The end of the video catches some of my improvisation on the basic idea. Usually, when I improv or "freestyle" on the track (with the piano) I can develop a real feel for the song idea, making it easier to build a complete song later.

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Video of me making Moody instruMental Music on a chill Saturday. I'm showing how I develop basic music ideas by laying down bass, piano and drums.
Make Beats with Reason - Laying Basic Music Ideas - Piano Bass and Drums

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