Church Drummer Challenge - Cornerstone

Church Drummer Challenge - Cornerstone

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One of the songs for this week's Church Drummer Challenge - Cornerstone - Hillsong Worship  Taurus James Playing Drums for Grace Crossing Church Beavercreek Ohio

I get to play drums again this Sunday (July 16, 2017) for Grace Crossing Church in Beavercreek, Ohio.

My experience as a church drummer at GraceCriossing Church has continued to be gret, with my band mates granting me patience and encouragement.

This situation is different for me as a church drummer because of the limited amount of time the band actually practices together. On average, we practice all of the songs for the service in a total of about 2-3 hours together. We practice Thursday night for about 1.5-2 hours, and again on Sunday morning for 1 hour before the first church service.  

I practice at home to get the feel of the music and the transitions down.

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We made it this time! Last week, we had a family trip to Cane's because we mistakenly thought the Ark was at the Creation Museum.

I call it the Ark Experience, because moving around it and in ti really is an experience. It is also an encounter, because no matter what you believe or think about this thing, it really does cause you to think.

We all enjoyed it and look forward to visiting it again.

Oh yeah...I took pictures of the "Spooky Jesus" (formerly known as "Touchdiwn Jesus" before lightning struck I'm told) on the way back home.


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