In The Zone with TaurusBeats: Overcomer Piano Freestyle

In The Zone with TaurusBeats: Overcomer Piano Freestyle

Overcomer Piano Moody Instrumental Music Freestyle In The Zone with TaurusBeats

Part of my praise and worship.

Overcomer is a track from the Vision Collection.

“In The Zone” is actually part iof “The Grace and Peace Zone” segment that I do at my website. The reasonĀ  call it “In The Zone” is because I post videos of my impromptu piano improvisations – “Piano Freestyles” – like this one – Overcomer.

In this video, I’m performing the piano ports “off the top of my head” as I listen to the track I created earlier. The major point of this for me is that I am not a piano player – I’m a drummer. Whenever I watch these “piano freestyle” videos, I get chills because i get to watch what inspiration looks like AS IT IS HAPPENING TO ME! I am also humbled by the fact that I am unable to recreate these unrehearsed musical performances (I jave tried).

I created Overcomer as a reminder to myself that I follow The Overcomer, who has promised me victory, even now. The loss of my eyesight does not mean loss of VISION. (Not everyone will get that.)

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