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Effects of Deployment on Military Children

There has never been a question in my mind that deployments have a tremendous impact children. Here is a video of a testimony before congress about the effects of deployment on children from military families.

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Homes For Our Troops

Support Our Troops At Home! - Homes For Our Troops

Will you "support our troops" when they come home?

Here is one way you can. Donate to Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004 and strongly committed to helping those who have selflessly given to our country and have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries since September 11, 2001.

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More U.S. Soldiers Killed Themselves Than Died in Combat in 2010

Cord Jefferson, Senior Editor at Good presents some troubling numbers about the suicide rate for US Soldiers.

For the second year in a row, more American soldiers - both enlisted men and women and veterans - committed suicide than were killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Excluding accidents and illness, 462 soldiers died in combat, while 468 committed suicide. A difference of six isn't vast by any means, but the symbolism is significant and troubling. In 2009, there were 381 suicides by military personnel, a number that also exceeded the number of combat deaths.
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Veterans Affairs Websites - All 50 States

Here is a list of the Veterans Affairs websites for all 50 states.

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Veterans Resource: American Legion Service Officers

Did you know that the American Legion service officers are well-trained, certified professionals who provide veteran benefit counseling in every state and beyond? They are available to help veterans and their families file VA and state veterans benefits claims and to assist with application forms and other paperwork.

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Veterans Resource: AMVETS

As one of America’s fore­most vet­er­ans ser­vice orga­ni­za­tions, AMVETS (or Amer­i­can Vet­er­ans) has a proud his­tory of assist­ing vet­er­ans and spon­sor­ing numer­ous pro­grams that serve our coun­try and its cit­i­zens. The help­ing hand that AMVETS extends to vet­er­ans and their fam­i­lies takes many forms.

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African Americans in STEM

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