Minister (verb): to attend to the needs of others.
Ministry (noun): a method or way to minister.
Ways I attend to the needs of others in my attempt to Inspire, Influence, Impact the world around me.


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Brothers Of Impact

Mentoring Mentors - working with other leaders to develop manhood training systems to positively impact the Black community in America.
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JAM Camp

This camp is designed for high school inner-city male varsity or aspiring varsity athletes, and will focus on Jesus, Athletics, Manhood. Athletes will learn to compete at their highest level, with a concentration on the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of competition. As "Coach T", I serve as the Lab Director.

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Male Military Spouse

As a "Macho Spouse", I help provide support and build community for Civilian Male Military Spouses and their families. I created The Male Military Spouse Guide and manage the Macho Spouse Online Commuinty website.

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Minister Fitness

I created Minister Fitness and the Kingdom Fitness Academy to "equip the saints" and "build The Body" up. As "Coach T", I help people Get FIT and Stay FIT for the Kingdom and Glory of God. 

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TaurusBeats Music

As "TaurusBeats", I make moody instrumental music and help music producers make more music in less time with less money with better results. As a drummer, I serve with local church music ministries.

image for The Upper Room Gospel Jazz Band

The Upper Room Gospel Jazz Band

As "Sticks", drummer for The Upper Room Gospel Jazz Band, I work together with Curtis Price, John White and other gifted musicians to make memorable moments in music to reach people for Christ.

image for TJ Tech Pros

TJ Tech Pros

As "Army of One", I helpi people realize their online business goals and perform at top levels. I also help people solve their technology problems.
image for Veterans Information

Veterans Information

As a US Military Veterans advocate, I created the Veterans Info Site as an online resource to help US Military Veterans and their families get the information and help they need.

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I am currently developing the "VISION" program as a way to provide Life Vision help for Young Black Men. My life story music collection, VISION, helps raise funds for the program's development
VISION Music Album

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